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Everest Sciences: Solutions for Turbine Inlet Cooling

Technical Brochure and Registered Member Content Hot days can dramatically reduce the capacity of both gas turbine driven components and industrial air compressors. This loss of capacity reduces throughput and ultimately revenues. Everest Sciences® cooling systems eliminate the negative weather effects, maintaining the overall facility’s production and revenue. The speed of installation and lower capital costs deliver greater economic returns. Everest Sciences’ modular solutions are designed around our patented Everest Cycle®, and using a hybrid indirect evaporative heat extraction process which does not add water to the inlet air, our systems deliver colder air while using less power to than traditional refrigeration systems.

Your bottom line will benefit from Everest Sciences innovative, packaged cooling systems. Facility owners have been reaping these benefits since 2007. Every day you wait means more dollars lost.


"Turbine Inlet Cooling with Indirect Evaporation:
With Greater Density Comes More Power"

White Paper

"Inlet Cooling For Gas Turbines Driving Gas-Gathering Compressors - Hybrid indirect evaporative chilling systems help optimize performance"
- Compressor Tech2: Reprinted from May 2016

PRESS RELEASE: TradeMark Nitrogen Places Order With Everest Sciences®
- Market Wired : October 2015

"TradeMark Nitrogen places order with Tulsa's Everest Sciences®"
- Tulsa World : October 2015
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